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Testimonials about PHIERO PREMIUM

In this section we offer you some of the testimonials voluntarily and selflessly sent to us by all those men who have already tried Phiero Premium and are more than satisfied with the results obtained.

Read the testimonials of these people so you can know first-hand the benefits that Phiero Premium can provide:

“Over the years, my wife and I had lost interest in sex and the number of times we make love is limited to under 2 or 3 times a month. On one occasion a friend of mine invited me to a kind of scientific demonstration that was been held at the laboratory where he works they sprayed some pheromones on my neck and on my clothes as if I was some kind of guinea pig. To my surprise when arrived home my wife was more responsive to me than normal, pay more attention to my needs and eventually we ended up in bed and had sex as if we were honeymooners.  The very next day I surfed the internet and bought Phiero Premium. Now my wife and I have sex 3 to 4 times a week and she only knows that I changed my cologne. It’s incredible, but true.”


“The University and my work took up all my time; therefore I can barely enjoy the company of ladies, or have a good time at home with the girls so I ended up masturbating at night. One day a classmate spoke of a perfume of pheromones and he told me how will it work and its results. I decide to give it a try myself and see if it would work for me. Since then, the girls in my class almost fight to do the work with me, and on many occasions they want to sleep in my house and you can imagine what happens then...”


“Hello, How are you? I was always extremely shy with girls. Speaking to someone made my heart race and I was lost for words due to my insecurity. Since I discovered and started to use Phiero Premium, everything changed for the better. Suddenly women seemed to be interested in me! First they made comments on my fragrance and then they started the conversation. Without a doubt this cologne helped me regain my confidence. This product is wonderful, I feel like I’m a new man and I have nothing but good things to say about this product.”

Bill H.

"Let me congratulate your company on this superb formula of pheromones. They work surprisingly well and attracts women and as an added bonus the fragrance is fabulous. This is the perfume that I like the most!  I’d like to emphasize that the fragrance is absolutely wonderful. I have previously tried other fragrances before Phiero Premium, but never found something as pleasant as this. Women approach me! You have got a great product to offer and I recommend it to anyone who wants to smell better and get to know more ladies."


"Good Afternoon to my good friends at Phiero Premium! I am writing to let you know how much my life has changed thanks to your wonderful cologne. I’m envied by my friends, who wanted me to tell them the key to my sudden success. Now they are all waiting for their first order of Phiero Premium! It is incredible that by using a simple cologne you can change your life in a good way. I do not leave the house without it. One thing is for sure you have gained a customer for a life.”


“Hi, my name’s Phil and I must say that since I wear Phiero Premium I feel more confident regarding my possibilities with women because I’ve noticed improvements in the first contacts I’ve had since I use the product. I tried other products that did not work at all but with this cologne, women pay more attention to me, which is something you need if you want to get intimate with them and prove how far things can go. Thanks for everything.”

Phil C. J.

“Phiero Premium is amazing! Ever since I decided to buy this pheromone cologne, I “get some” almost every weekend. Call me silly but I never leave my home without wearing it because I’m one of those who think you never know where or under what circumstances, as strange as they may be, you’re going to meet a beautiful girl, one of those who take your breath away. And I can’t let her get away! With your product I’ve known the sweet side of relationships between men and women.”


“Since I wear the pheromones of Phiero premium I feel the girls in my office check me out more, I’m more daring and trust my chances of picking up women”. I’ll be grateful for ever ".


"Hi, my name is Luke and I have always had problems with women. Not that I considered myself ugly or introverted, but I always have lacked the confidence other guys have in conversation or making friends with some girl. Fortunately I’m online a lot, and one night I discovered Phiero Premium by accident. It was amazing, because I didn’t know anything about “self-esteem” until I started wearing the cologne and I verified first-hand that it actually worked. I am currently on a relationship I can say I met my girl thanks to Phiero. I am so happy and so satisfied with this product that I’ve already recommended it to all my friends. Thank you.”


“Thank you for helping me being more successful with women! Life has a meaning again for me. Thank you so much.


“In my case, I have to admit I didn’t trust these pheromones thing, I thought it was a scam. It is funny; this whole thing about pheromones, I mean, that something so chemical is the cause of being attracted to someone or that someone is attracted to you. Before buying Phiero Premium I go a lot of information on the subject (I read a few scientific studies and saw several rather convincing documentaries on TV) and when I was finally convinced that this could be true, I read this guide on the Internet and bought the cologne they claimed to be the best, which is this one. Anyway, the whole thing is true; I can see that women find me more attractive now, and if you combine that with being funny and nice, things just happen.”


“I’m thrilled! Ever since I started using Phiero Premium, I've increased the number of dates and the quality of these dates because now I'm more confident about my possibilities. And it smells good too.”


“My name is Christopher and I’m writing this e-mail to thank you for creating Phiero Premium. Ever since I started using it I get more girls. And the good thing is that, for them, the way I smell is just perfume (and they love it, at least in my case). I believe that you have actually got to enhance the effects of Phiero.”


“Congratulations! The thing about the three pheromones was a great move. As the saying goes, “reinvent yourself or die. I was using Phiero and doing just fine, I had noticed some changes with the ladies and stuff. Some time ago I started using Phiero Premium and I honestly believe I get more girls now. I don’t know if it is because of the 3 pheromones. It might as well be a coincidence but I’ll keep on buying it because why change when something works for you, uh?”


“I had never done well with women, but ever since I started using this pheromone cologne, my social life has turned upside down. It’s exactly what I needed, a little push to be more confident to relate and get girls I was attracted to, not those you have to resign yourself to just because you don’t think those you’re really interested in are going to like you. I'm a whole new man and I'm going to enjoy this as long as I can."
Thank you.


If you want to tell us about your experience or give us your opinion about the effectiveness of Phiero Premium, you can e-mail us to :

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